Photogrammetry and Webservice Solution

Master programme course group project

Geospatial Web Application using Municipality Data

Master programme course individual project

In this project, I was tasked to modify a self-developed web application based on course exercise to the city of my choice.

During the exercise, I built a web application using Webix framework along with a provided PostgreSQL database containing Utrecht population and landuse data, and a guidance on how to build the web application step by step.

In this web application, several functionalities were added such as map interface, vector data visualization, charts about statistics of population and landuse data, and interactivity between those elements. Map interface was added using OpenLayer and vector data from PostgreSQL were viewed using Mapserver. I implemented Model-View Controller with help of Webix to apply separation of concerns in handling the data, interface, and functions to be added to the web application.

After the exercise, I was tasked to do the web application once again for another city. I decided to pick Rotterdam city to try.

This web application is hosted in University of Twente exclusive server since we were using some functionalities exclusively stored in it. Therefore, the web application cannot be opened outside of the university internet connection.

However, I can showcase the live web application upon request during a call or interview.

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