Rifqi Alfadhillah


GIS development and remote sensing enthusiast;

LPDP Scholarship Awardee at ITC University of Twente specialized in Geoinformatics.

Professional Path

Training and Support Consultant

Micromine (2019-2020)

Rifqi started his first full-time job at Micromine positioned in its Southeast Asia branch at Jakarta, Indonesia.

This is where he started the journey in programming for geoscience, starting with Python automation.

Junior Geologist

Kapuas Prima Coal (2020-2021)

He continued his mining industry career at Kapuas Prima Coal as Junior Geologist positioned at head office in Jakarta.

This is where his skills in database management and automation were developed the most.

MSc Candidate

Faculty of ITC, University of Twente (Now)

He is enrolling Geoinformatics specialization to pursue expertise in GIS development and remote sensing.

He becomes the go-to guy to ask about coding and problem-solving tasks among his peers.

Contact Me

I am looking forward to connect and be in discussion with you


Course Group Project

Photogrammetry and Webservice Solution (PWS)

Built a website page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that contains 2D and 3D photogrammetry visualization of a part of Enschede city.

Course Individual Project

Identification and Analysis of Slum Characteristics

Compared the similarities and differences of informal settlements within and between Rio de janeiro and Nairobi using GIS and remote sensing technique.

Course Individual Project

Geospatial Web Application using Municipality Data

Implemented Model-View-Controller framework to develop an interactive and responsive geospatial web application based on Rotterdam municipality data.

Course Individual Project

Unsupervised Classification of The Netherlands Landcover

Performed K-Means clustering to landcover data of the Netherlands using Google Earth Engine (GEE) Python API and geemap Python package.

Course Individual Project

Game of Life Implementation using Parallel Computing

Developed Conway's Game of Life using Python and incorporated Dask parallel computing to several versions of parameter set to observe the differences.

Course Individual Project

Hyperparameter-optimized Supervised Classification

Performed Decision Tree classification to EuroSAT landcover dataset while also applied hyperparameter optimization and Dask parallel computing to the algorithm.

Course Individual Project

Amsterdam Air Quality Sensor Data Analysis

Captured real-time sensor air quality data from multiple external APIs that covers Amsterdam region and performed statistical analysis using R Studio.

Course Group Project

Port Rotterdam Dashboard Visualization

Visualized two dashboards based on vessel arrival and departure of Port of Rotterdam using Tableau to answer several scenarios.

Course Individual Project

3D Change Visualization of Mount Saint Peter, Maastricht

Processed LiDAR point cloud data of Mount Saint Peter, the Netherlands and visualized the elevation change due to mining activity over time.

Individual Project

Aesthetic Map Design for Print-on-Demand Business

Performed aesthetic graphic designs using Open Street Map data during validation phase of a print-on-demand online business idea.